From MBT:

"All students must furnish their own clothing and shoes for class as well as shoes, tights and a nude leotard for under costumes at  performances. MBT provides costumes for performances. All students should be dressed in appropriate uniform by the end of the second week of classes. These items will be available for purchase at MBT studios. "

Adult Ankle Length Ballet Sock MONDOR $5.00
Livy Child Tank SO DANCA $20.00
Men`s Orion Footed Tights WEAR MOI $49.00
Men`s Hamada Footless Tights WEAR MOI $43.00
Child Leather Slip on Jazz Shoe SO DANCA $43.00
Lily Child Sizes CAPEZIO $20.00
CAPEZIO $21.00
Men`s Odeon Knee Length Pant WEAR MOI $32.00
Child Professional Mesh Back Seam Transition Tight CAPEZIO $22.00
Child Short Sleeve Leotard (TB132C) CAPEZIO $18.00
Child Haxo Shirt WEAR MOI $34.00
Slip on Jazz (Child EJ2C) CAPEZIO $41.00
Split Sole Dance Sneaker SO DANCA $70.00
Adult Split Sole Stretch Canvas SO DANCA $25.00
BLOCH INC $23.00
BLOCH INC $17.00
Adult Professional Mesh w/ Back Seam Transition Tight CAPEZIO $23.00
Toddler Ultra Soft Footed Tight CAPEZIO $13.00
Toddler Ultra Soft Transition Tight CAPEZIO $13.00
Child Tank Strap Princess Seam Leotard MOTIONWEAR $34.00