The Ballet Companion Book GAYNOR MINDEN $29.95
Balance Board SUFFOLK $28.00
18" Massage Stick SUFFOLK $28.00
Massage Ball - TOP SELLER SUFFOLK $5.00
Adult Trash Bag Pant (701) BODY WRAPPERS $22.00
Adult Trash Bag Short (746) BODY WRAPPERS $16.00
Adult Ankle Length Ballet Sock MONDOR $5.00
Child Ripstop Pants (071) BODY WRAPPERS $18.00
Child Ripstop Shorts (046C) BODY WRAPPERS $15.00
Flexibility Band by Gaynor Minden GAYNOR MINDEN $24.00
Gel Knee Pads Large BH1651 CAPEZIO $40.00
Gel Knee Pads Small BH1650 CAPEZIO $40.00
Essential Hair Kit by Bloch (A0801) BLOCH INC $10.00
Kinesiology Tape SUFFOLK $9.00
Kissy Ballerina Lip Balm FRESHIFY INC. $6.00
Knot Keepers BH360 CAPEZIO $7.00
The MakeUp Eraser MAKEUP ERASER $21.00
Men`s Socks (M71) BODY WRAPPERS $12.00
Adult Micro-Tech Jumpsuit (AW-127) GAYNOR MINDEN $60.00
Full Length Folding Mirror OVATION GEAR $36.00
Moleskin Padding PILLOWS FOR POINTE $3.50
Foam Roller SUFFOLK $30.00
Dancers Dots Jar GAYNOR MINDEN $24.00
Rainbow Lambs Wool BH401 CAPEZIO $11.00