Quote from MSA:

Proper apperal and shoes allow students to safely perform the skills taught in class and permit teachers to observe their form and make any necessary corrections. All students must have their hair in a classical ballet bun to participate in ballet class. Hair must be worn off the neck and out of the face for all other classes.

Where a required style is listed, students must wear that specific item. Where a preferred style is listed, students may wear that specific item or another similar item fitting the description. Where no style is listed, students may wear their choice of appearal/shoes fitting the description. 

Preferred tights brand (required for performances) is Capezio Ultra Soft, in ballet pink and appropriate skin tone color (Light Suntan for lighter skintones or Dark Suntan for darker skintones). 


1.5" Canvas Character Heel SO DANCA $40.00
The Alyssa (Julia) by Wear Moi (Adult) WEAR MOI $40.00
Boy`s Conrad Cap Sleeve T-Shirt WEAR MOI $33.00
Boy`s Odeon Knee Length Pant WEAR MOI $30.00
Boy`s Fitted Short Sleeve Shirt (B400) BODY WRAPPERS $27.00
Adult Cami BraTek Leotard CC110 CAPEZIO $34.00
Adult Canvas Cassatta High Tops PASTRY $50.00
Adult Center Stretch Jazz Shoe SO DANCA $34.00
Child Center Stretch Jazz Shoe SO DANCA $34.00
Character Oxford K360 CAPEZIO $310.00
Adult Thong Back Dance Belt (M003BELT) BODY WRAPPERS $21.00
Men`s Dance Belt Wide (Full Seat) WEAR MOI $25.00
Child Dansoft Full Sole Leather (SO205G) BLOCH INC $20.00
Adult Dansoft Full Sole Leather Ballet Flat (SO205L) BLOCH INC $21.00
Men`s Orion Footed Tights WEAR MOI $49.00
Youth Shorty Short COVALENT ACTIVEWEAR $14.00
Adult Heavy Weight Footed Tight WEAR MOI $43.00
Ladies Jason Samuels Smith Tap Oxford (SO313L) BLOCH INC $200.00
Child Juliet Ballet Flat 2027C CAPEZIO $31.00
Adult Juliet Ballet Flat 2027 CAPEZIO $36.00
Child Lace Up Tap SO DANCA $39.00
Adult Lace Up Tap SO DANCA $42.00
Ladies Essentia Capri (9001) COVALENT ACTIVEWEAR $35.00
Ladies Essentia Leggings COVALENT ACTIVEWEAR $40.00
Ladies Shorty Short COVALENT ACTIVEWEAR $16.00