• Pink Cap Sleeve Leotard // Suggested Styles: M515C, CC400C, CL5602
  • No Attached Skirts
  • Any Brand and Style Tights, Dancers Preference // Suggested Styles: 1915(X-Toddler Sizes) (C- Child Sizes), 1916 (X)(C)
  • Any Brand and Style Shoes, Dancers Preference // Suggested Styles: SD16(C- Child Sizes)/(L-Adult Sizes), 2037(C) / 2037(W), 2027(C)/ 2027(A), 212(C)/ 212(W), SO205(G)/ SO205(L)
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Girl`s Cap Sleeve Leotard (CL5602) BLOCH INC $17.00
Child Cap Sleeve (M515C) MIRELLA $19.00
Child Dansoft Full Sole Leather (SO205G) BLOCH INC $20.00
Adult Dansoft Full Sole Leather Ballet Flat (SO205L) BLOCH INC $21.00
Child Hanami Stretch Canvas Ballet Flat 2037C CAPEZIO $23.00
Adult Hanami Stretch Canvas Ballet Flat 2037W CAPEZIO $23.00
Child Lily (212C) CAPEZIO $20.00
Adult Lily (212W) CAPEZIO $21.00
Adult Short Sleeve Leotard with Ballet Line CC400 CAPEZIO $21.00
Child Short Sleeve Leotard with Ballet Line CC400C CAPEZIO $18.00
Child SD16 Split Sole Canvas Ballet SO DANCA $25.00
Adult Split Sole Stretch Canvas SO DANCA $25.00
Adult Ultra Soft Footed Tight 1915 CAPEZIO $15.00
Child Ultra Soft Footed Tight 1915C CAPEZIO $13.00
Toddler Ultra Soft Footed Tight 1915X CAPEZIO $13.00
Adult Ultra Soft Transition Tight 1916 CAPEZIO $16.00
Child Ultra Soft Transition Tight 1916C CAPEZIO $13.00
Toddler Ultra Soft Transition Tight 1916X CAPEZIO $13.00